London Recap Days 3 & 4

Cheerio. Getting into the spirit of things. Reliving phrases overhead, such as “oy we have been playing tennis phone all morning” and “that’s tosh”.  Good stuff.


We “hopped down the frog and toad” (sorry, last one, I think) in the morning for a proper Full English Breakfast per Tim’s request; he had found Terry’s Cafe online with great reviews. Small neighborhood place in which you could tell who were regulars with great food. I would do this again. Easy.  Also- it introduced us to beans on toast. And now, I LOVE BEANS ON TOAST (well the British version, which when we got back, found out Heinz makes it in the light blue can! Yes please!)IMG_3337.jpg

After filling up, we took the tub out to Olympic Stadium (home of the 2012 Olympics) which is now the Stadium for West Ham United- Tim’s soccer team. So we walked around the stadium and bought some official West Ham gear onsite. All pictures at this time have Tim straight up cheesin’ it.

Otherwise… not too much out that ways. Maybe in the future, but I can see now why they say Olympic village areas become a bit like ghost town areas…  anyways, quick tube ride back and we were back in our area. We had purchased a Big Bus Tours pass and decided now was the time to hop on, listen to some London history and enjoy the sights for a bit. Most of this we had already seen, BUT we got to drive on the Tower Bridge which is pretty cool- see more Harry Potter inspiration- see more old pubs including Punch Tavern (Punch and Judy dolls I only know about because of Gone Girl)- and of course, every time we could see Big Ben and Parliament, it had to be announced a la National Lampoons.

We stopped off at Hyde Park for a bit and wandered down Oxford Street (shopping mecca, oh hi Selfridges- I used to watch a show about you on PBS, ha) for a bit before we had to catch the tube up North to Emirates Stadium.  Arsenal game! Going to a real live Premier League game (lord, I hope I got that right or Tim will give me so much crap) is insanely cool. The walk alone from the tube to the stadium, through neighborhoods and with a throng of people cheering/chanting/marching to the stadium is worth it. PLUS we went to the 300th game in Emirates Stadium (which I think is cool) as well as a AF cup game! Future note: you can’t drink in the stadium. You can drink in the concourse but not in the stands.

After the game, we walked the area to let the heavy traffic die down before we grabbed the tube and went back to Oxford Street to a little off the main road area called St. Christopher’s Place for dinner.  I would love to go back that way for the shops and restaurants when its really nice out- all pictures I have seen are so cute! IMG_3397

After dinner, it was pretty late so we just headed back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep.


So we had found out that Borough Market is sadly not open on Sundays, so we sadly ditched that from the plans. BUT we had actually bought a two day pass on the bus tour and so we hopped back on and went to take it a little further West London than we had previously and take us out to see Chelsea, Kensington, Notting Hill…   First stop off the bus for us was in Chelsea for tea. Shared a honey cake with my honey while he had tea and I had some sort of latte with potpourri (?) on it.

Followed by a quick “shop” and drink at Harrod’s.

Little further on, we stopped at a pub and split a Steak and Ale pie. Meat pie. It’s a thing. It’s a GOOD thing.

Popped back on the bus to get us a little further up the road where we stopped at Churchill Arms! All pictures of this place are gorgeous and its a comfy pub inside… and the smells. OMG. Even though I was full, I was so mad that we did not try the Thai restaurant in back.  It smells amazing and I have heard great things about it. And I am still angry at us for not getting it.

Then I will skip how I might have gotten a wee bit off directionally after that pub stop, in which we may have went the wrong way and had to backtrack a couple times to get to Notting Hill. And by that time, we got to see some pretty houses and such but at the same time we were ready to just keep moving on. SO future trip, I will do better so I get to see more of pretty Notting Hill Houses. BUT we saw Kensington Gardens and then I got to live my Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Winning London moment at the Peter Pan statue in Hyde Park. Totally worth it, right Tim?!

The next part I skip over is then how we book it WAY across town because we are starving and want to go to this place Tim found with good reviews and a great view… that because it is open 24/7, we didn’t think reservations and/or changing clothes. BIG MISTAKE, HUGE (side note: name that movie).  Literally, the guy looked us up and down and told us “we don’t accept walk-ins AND we have a STRICT dress code” while handing us a card with that info on it.  OKAY THEN.  So re-thinking that, we will just get some thai food at a place near our hotel that also serves a beer we want to try made by some friends.  LONG STORY SHORT: We paid for pub trivia, the kitchen was closed and they weren’t serving that friend’s beer, and then we got last in pub trivia. HA

Time to grab food at the hotel. Call it a night.


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