London to Paris Day 5


When had decided to do both London and Paris, I KNEW I wanted to wake up in London on my birthday and go to bed in Paris. As soon as that thought entered my head, it was to be and I adjusted our plans around that.  PLUS Tim had an amazing idea for me…


Seriously. It was pretty perfect.

That morning we had woken up and grabbed a coffee on our last visit to Big Ben as well as grabbing some touristy gifts before packing up and taking the train up to King’s Cross where we just got a quick sandwich… and I did not wait in the line for a picture of Platform 9 3/4. Sad. But I was still able to get a few Harry Potter experiences in.

We travelled from London to Paris via the Eurostar. SUPER EASY PROCESS! Future trips to Europe (crossing my fingers), I will be keeping this in mind. From London (London St. Pancras) to Paris (Gare du Nord), trip time was like 2.5 hours exactly with super easy check in and no need to check baggage.  I was excited to experience going in the Chunnel- the underground tunnel for the English Channel-  and I honestly thought I was paying attention, but next thing I knew we were in France. It was that quick!


Upon arrival in Paris, we took a cab to our hotel and checked in. We stayed at Hotel Derby Eiffel and though the room was very small, it had cute french doors that opened up to a street view- where we could see the Eiffel Tower. SWOON!


A stroll down to the Eiffel Tower (and already many pictures of it in… how many is too many?!) that night led us to grabbing a drink or two and eating at the touristy piazza down by the Seine, near the base of the Eiffel Tower. Major Paris vibes.

A bottle of champagne and some French cookies back at the hotel while we planned out our next day was a nice transition and good way to end my birthday!



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